Francesco Tavano

Francesco Tavano ( born March 2, 1979 in Caserta) is an Italian football player. The striker has been playing again in 2011 at FC Empoli.


Tavanos professional career began in 1999 at the AC Pisa. In 2001 he moved to FC Empoli, after he had previously played one year for the fourth division Rondinella Calcio.

In the season 2005/ 06 Francesco Tavano already denied his fifth consecutive season at FC Empoli, during which time he had risen with this club once off and twice ( most recently in the 2005/06 season ). During these years, he blossomed into the best scorers of FC Empoli. He scored in the 2005/06 season 19 goals in 37 games.

After many transfer rumors ( Real Madrid said to be interested in him) got Tavano and his club decided a transfer to the Spanish side Valencia to fix. He signed a contract for four years. Tavano came in Valencia nothing but headaches with its capricious nature. He threw himself thereby to the coaching staff, which meant that in his short time was only reserve player at Valencia. He complained that Valencia game is not sufficiently focused on him. However Tavano was not the first Italian player who has failed in the Spanish league. During the winter break 2006/ 07 Tavano eventually returned as a free loan to the Roma back to Serie A. The capital club had a set at EUR 10 million purchase option for next season secured. The AS Roma drew not this option be changing to AS Livorno was instead in the summer of 2007. Tavano signed a four -year contract at Livorno, which had over FC Valencia six million euros. He added Livorno the jersey with the number 10, which was not awarded for two years in honor of Igor Protti. After Livorno relegated in the 2007/ 08 season in Serie B, he was able to help in the subsequent season his team with 24 goals crucial to the chances of promotion.


The fans of FC Empoli call him " Ciccio -gol ".


  • Italian Cup Winners' Cup: 2007
  • Italian runner-up: 2007
  • Scorer of the Serie B: 2008/ 09