Francis Barraud

Francis James Barraud ( born June 16, 1856 in Liverpool, † August 29 1924 in Kingston upon Thames, London) was a British painter.

His Master's Voice

Francis Barraud's most famous work is called His Master's Voice (German voice of his master ). After his older brother, Mark Barraud died, he took his dog Nipper - it is likely to be a Parson Russell Terrier, a Fox Terrier or a hybrid - with on. One day he watched as the dog listening to the phonograph. Barraud was impressed by this spectacle so that he made a painting of it three years after Nippers death. The German Grammophon newly established company bought him from the picture, including copyright, in 1899 for a total of 100 pounds, to use it in their newspaper ads. The image of Francis Barraud is one of the most famous logos in the world. The image is used by several companies, including His Master's Voice ( HMV ), Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and Victor Company of Japan, Limited.