Francis Burt (Nebraska)

Francis Burt ( born January 13, 1807 in Pendleton, Anderson County, South Carolina, † October 18, 1854 in Bellevue, Nebraska ) was a U.S. Representative (Democratic Party). He was the first governor of the Nebraska Territory in 1854.


Francis Burt grew up in South Carolina, where he received his schooling. Between 1832 and 1844 he was a member of the House of Representatives of South Carolina. In 1844 he became finance minister in the state. In 1852 he was a member of Congress to revise the State Constitution. After the founding of the Nebraska Territory in 1854 he was appointed by President Franklin Pierce for the first territorial governor of the area, had recently emerged as a result of the Kansas - Nebraska Act. Originally William Orlando Butler was provided for this position, but he declined the nomination. Two days after taking office, Burt died from the effects of the grueling journey. Secretary of State Thomas B. Cuming took office until the arrival of the newly appointed Governor Mark Whitaker Izard.