Francis Hyacinth, Duke of Savoy

Francis Hyacinth (Francesco Giacinto ) ( born September 14, 1632 Turin, † October 4, 1638 at the Castello del Valentino in Turin) was Duke of Savoy, Prince of Piedmont, Margrave of Saluzzo, Count of Aosta, Moriana, Asti and Nice titular King of Cyprus and Jerusalem ( 1637-1638 ).

Francis Hyacinth was a son of the Duke of Savoy, Victor Amadeus I and his wife Christina of France.

After his father died in 1637, was the underage Francis Hyacinth Duke. His mother wanted to pursue even custody of her son and thus the regency of Savoy. My brother, Cardinal Maurice of Savoy and his younger brother Thomas Franz tried this but to prevent. When Francis Hyacinth died in October 1638 and Maurice of Savoy thus nachrückte in second place in the throne succession, there was a war of succession in the house of Savoy. From this four-year protracted military conflict Francis Hyacinth's mother Christina of France emerged as the winner.

Infant Francis Hyacinth, who bore the nickname Fleur de Paradis ( Paradise flower), died without really ruled to have with just six years of a fever and was buried in the Sacra di San Michele in Turin.