Frank W. Higgins

Frank Wayland Higgins ( born August 18, 1856 in Rushford, Allegany County, New York, † February 12, 1907 in Olean, New York ) was an American politician and 1905-1907 Governor of the State of New York.

Early years and political rise

Frank Higgins attended the Rushford Academy, and then to 1873 the Riverview Military Academy. He then worked in Chicago and Denver in the oil business before he went into the retail business of his family. Higgins was a member of the Republican Party, whose convention he attended in 1888. At this congress Benjamin Harrison was nominated as a presidential candidate. Between 1894 and 1902 Higgins was a member of the Senate from New York.

Governor of New York

Between 1903 and 1905, Frank Higgins as Vice Governor Deputy Governor Benjamin Barker Odell, his successor was elected on November 8, 1904. Higgins began his two-year term on January 1, 1907. During his reign the election laws of the State of New York have been reformed and reduced government spending. The laws regulating the insurance industry have been revised. After the end of his governorship on January 1, 1907, Frank Higgins withdrew from politics. He already died a few weeks later, on February 15, 1907. Frank Higgins was married to Catherine Corrine Noble.