Franke Sloothaak

Franke Sloothaak ( born February 2, 1958 in Heerenveen, Netherlands ) is a German - Dutch jumpers.


Sloothaak is married and has two children.

Since 1996 he was the owner of a private equestrian facility in Borgholzhausen in Bielefeld. In 2011, he sold it and moved to Steinhagen ( Westphalia). Until April 2014 he spent a year in the stable of Gaston Glock worked as a trainer and consultant.

Sporting career

As a ten- year-old, who was born in Heerenveen Dutch Sloothaak started on ponies with the equestrian sports, and early on his first successes. At 14 he won with the Dutch team at the Junior European Championships in Ireland the silver medal. In the following years Sloothaak Dutch master was in his respective age group. Four years later Sloothaak went with Alwin Schockemoehle, the German Olympic champion from 1976, in the doctrine. In 1979, he became a German citizen and took part in the German championships from now on. Sloothaak is known for very good to ride his horses and dressage.

In 1983, Franke Sloothaak joined the stable of Alwin Schockemöhles brother Paul. The following year he took part in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles and won on his horse farmer with the German team the bronze medal. At the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul Sloothaak rode Walzerkönig with the German team to gold. The same success eight years later he succeeded in Atlanta, where he went to the start with Joli Coeur. In the individual competitions he was denied a medal at the Olympics. For other major competitions Sloothaak was successful:

  • World Equestrian Games: 3 gold, 1 silver
  • European Championships: 1 silver, 1 bronze
  • German Championships: 3 gold, 8 silver, 3 bronze

His greatest successes were present probably the victories at the World Equestrian Games in 1994 in The Hague. Both in the individual competition as well as with the team he won the world title with Weihaiwej. Four years later, he repeated the team's triumph in Rome. In the individual competition he secured in 1998 with Joli Coeur again bronze.

Other outstanding achievements include winning the Grand Prix of Aachen in 1989 with king of waltz and the German Jumping Derby in 2001 with land lady.


Olympic Games:

World Championships ( World Equestrian Games ):

European Championships:

German Championships:

World Cup Final:

Further success (from 2006, a selection):

  • 2006: 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Bordeaux (CSI -W) with Aquino, 1st place in the Grand Prix of Aselage (CSI 3 *) with Legurio, 4th place in the Grand Prix of Rome ( CSIO 5 *) with Legurio, 3rd place in the Grand Prix of Chantilly (CSI 3 *) with Aquino
  • 2007: 1st place in the € 30,750 - Grand Prix of Bremen with Legurio, 1st place in the € 50,000 Grand Prix of - keel with Aquino, 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Frankfurt (CSI 4 *) with Aquino
  • 2008: 1st place in the Grand Prix of Pforzheim (CSI 3 *) with Legurio
  • 2009: 2nd place in € 100,000 Königscup at the CSI 5 * Madrid with Aquino, 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Kiel ( CSI 4 *) with Allegro LS
  • 2010: 3rd place in the Grand Prix of Gera (CSI 3 *) with Aquino, 1st place in the € 80,000 Trophy in Münster ( 2nd test: German Cup) with Aquino, 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Tschernjachowsk (CSI 4 *) with Aquino
  • 2011: 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Bremen (CSI 3 *) with Aquino
  • 2012: 1st place in the Grand Prix of Tschernjachowsk (CSI 4 *) with Lascar

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  • Aquino (* 1997), brown Holsteiner gelding, Sire: Acobat II, Mother Father: Corrado, ridden since April 2011 by Vladimir Beletski ( Белецкий Владимир )
  • Allegro LS La Silla (* 2001), chestnut gelding (La Silla Warmblood ) Sire: Alcamera La Silla, mother father Marnier, since the beginning of 2010 by Pascal Levy ridden
  • Legurio (* 1995), brown Hanoverian gelding, Sire: gentry, mother father. Grail Knight, ridden since 2010 by Richard Robinson
  • Joli Coeur (* 1986, † 2011), Belgian chestnut gelding, Sire: Major de la Cour, mother father: Un Bonheur, adopted in 2005 Sports
  • San Patrignano Corrado (* 1985 Breed Name: Corrado I), Holsteiner stallion, Father: Adopted Capitol, stallion, out of the sport: Cor de la Bryère, mother father
  • San Patrignano Weihaiwej (* 1984), Oldenburg chestnut mare, Sire: Westminster, Mother Father: Grannus, retired from the sport
  • Waltz King (* 1979, † 2000), Hanoverian chestnut gelding, Sire: watzmann, mother father paragraph


  • Honorary citizen of Borgholzhausen
  • 1993: Pipe Smoker of the Year
  • 2010: inclusion in the gallery of honor of Lower Saxony sport of Lower Saxony Institute for Sports History