Franklin Clarence Mars

Frank Clarence Mars ( * September 24, 1883 in Newport, Minnesota, † April 8, 1934 in Pulaski, Tennessee) is the inventor of chocolate bar Milky Way.


In 1911 he started together with his wife Ethel in Tacoma, Washington, with the production of confectionery. The bar with Karamellkrem were first produced in the domestic kitchen. In 1920, Mars in Minnesota, the company Mar - O-Bar Co. 1922 Mars changed its name to Mars Incorporated 1923 and brought the candy bar Milky Way on the market, which had great success. Other popular chocolate bars followed, Snickers 1930 and 1937 the 5 cent Three Musketeers, which included three bars with different tastes.

Mars in Pulaski bought some small farms and built on the site of his farm Milky Way, to where he ran cattle and horse breeding.

  • Entrepreneur ( 20th century)
  • Person ( food and drink )
  • Chocolate manufacturer (person)
  • Americans
  • Born in 1883
  • Died in 1934
  • Man