Fraserburgh ( Scottish Gaelic: A ' Bhruaich ) is a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with approximately 12,150 inhabitants ( 2004 estimate ). The city lies on the Moray Firth.


The origins of the settlement lie in the 14th century when the place was still called Faithlie. 1504 bought by Fraser Philorth the land and began to develop the city. The first harbor was built in 1546. 1592 was renamed as part of an expansion of the city rights Faithlie in Fraserburgh. End of the 16th century Fraserburgh had a university, but was only a few years. In 1787, the castle of the city was expanded for the first lighthouse in Scotland. In 1865 the town was granted a rail connection, which contributed to economic development.

In Fraserburgh is home to the Museum of Scotish Lighthouses and the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre.


The economy in the coastal town is very much focused on fishing. Almost 60 % of all jobs are dependent on fisheries. Fraserburgh is the seat of the largest independent brewery in Scotland, the BrewDog Brewery.

Sons and daughters of Fraserburgh

  • Dennis Nilsen ( born 1945 ), serial killers