Frau im Spiegel

Woman in the Mirror is a weekly German women's magazine. It first appeared in 1945 in Lübeck Publisher Ehrlich & Son, who still belongs to the publishing group Gruner Jahr. In order for the woman in the mirror to the genus founders of the so-called one " rainbow" Magazine, also called yellow press. The image change to People magazine began in 2000. Then In March 2008, the sale to the WAZ Group, now spark media group, announced today .. the woman in the mirror in the WAZ Group Women appear. Publisher seat is Ismaning.


Woman in the mirror is assigned to the segment of " entertaining women's magazines ". It reports on the European aristocracy and other celebrities. Further topics are health, beauty, fashion and travel. Woman in the mirror is imaged strong and rich 76 pages in the rule.

Circulation Statistic

In the fourth quarter of 2012 the average circulation was IVW at 273 575 copies. These are 4,723 copies per issue less (-1.7%) than in the same quarter last year. The number of subscribers increased to 380 subscribers within a year to an average of 23,563 per issue from ( -1.59 %); so based approximately 8.61 % of the readers, the magazine subscription.

Weighted average number of common issues quarterly

Average number of copies sold in the quarter by subscription

Target group

The target group of woman in the mirror are, according to the WAZ Magazines Marketing to 93% women. The average age is 60.4 years.