Frederick Bianchi, Duke of Casalanza

Vincent Ferrerius Friedrich Freiherr von Bianchi ( born February 20, 1768 in Vienna, † August 21 1855 in Sauerbrunn, today Rogaska Slatina ), Duke of Casa Lanza, Austrian field marshal lieutenant, father of Friedrich von Bianchi ( 1812-1865 ).


Frederick Bianchi was formed on the Engineering Academy and made in 1788 as an engineer officer in the Turkish campaign with. After settling in the campaigns from 1792 to 1797, notably in the Netherlands and in Italy, excellent, he was attachiert as Major Archduke Ferdinand d'Este, and in 1804 colonel and regimental commander

In 1805 he served as adjutant general of the Archduke Ferdinand, in 1807, Major General and made in the war of 1809 at the head of a brigade at the Battle of Aspern and in the defense of Pressburg bridgehead excellent services, for which he received the Maria Theresa Order. Promoted to Field Marshal Lieutenant, he made under Schwarzenberg the Russian campaign with, distinguished himself in the wars of liberation in 1813 as commander of a division in Dresden, the battle of Kulm and the Battle of Leipzig and led in 1814 in southern France the right wing of the Austrian army of the south.

During the rule of the Hundred Days in 1815, sent without Murat to Italy, he suggested this May 1, 1815 at the Battle of Tolentino crucial the Neapolitan army zersprengte completely and moved into Naples on May 22. Charged by Naples by King Ferdinand IV to the Duke of Casa Lanza, he was called to the second Peace of Paris in the Hofkriegsrat. 1824 retired, he lived on his estate Mogliano in Treviso, as the Milanese revolution of 1848 broke out.

Although he behaved completely neutral, but he was brought up to command of the Provisional Government to Treviso and only freed two months later by the arrival of the Austrians again. He died on 21 August 1855 in Sauerbrunn at Rohitsch.


By the imperial resolution of Franz Joseph I of 28 February 1863 Vincent Ferrerius of Bianchi " famous, to the everlasting emulation worthy warlords and generals of Austria" in the list of added, in whose honor and remembrance also a life-size statue in the Feldherrenhalle of then newly built kk Hofwaffenmuseums (now the Military History Museum Vienna) was built. The statue was created in 1867 by sculptor Thomas Seidan ( 1830-1890 ) in Carrara marble, it was dedicated by the descendants of the Bianchi family.