Frederick Boland

Frederick Henry Boland ( January 31, 1904 in Dublin, † December 4, 1985 ) was an Irish diplomat and politician.

After studying in Ireland and the USA Boland came in 1929 in the diplomatic service of his country a. From 1932 to 1934 he was First Secretary of the Irish representation in Paris. From 1936 to 1950 he was head of department in various ministries until he finally became the first representatives of the Irish Republic with the rank of ambassador in London.

From 1956 to 1961 he was also the first Permanent Representative of Ireland to the United Nations in New York City. In 1960 he was elected President of the UN General Assembly for the term 1960/1961. During his presidency, he had to call for calm Khrushchev at the legendary "shoe " speech before the General Assembly.

In 1963 he retired from the diplomatic service. Boland was first Chancellor of the University of Dublin and later Executive Board in the Irish subsidiary of IBM.

Frederick H. Boland was married and had five children, one of which is the Irish poet Eavan Boland (1944 ).


Boland was honored in 2005 by an Irish 60 - cent stamp from a series of four stamps commemorating the 50th anniversary of the accession of the Republic of Ireland to the United Nations.