Frederick, Duke of Lower Lorraine

Frederick II of Luxembourg (* 1005, † August 28, 1065 ), from the House of Wigeriche, was since 1035 Vogt of Malmedy and Stavelot and 1046-1065 Duke of Lower Lorraine.


His parents were Frederick I of Luxembourg and the Moselle district and Irmtrud ( or the Irmintrud ), daughter of Count Heribert of Wetterau. His grandfather was Siegfried I, Count of Luxembourg, but as a younger son of Frederick I, he initially had little chance of an outstanding position in the kingdom. He and his younger brother Hermann are mentioned as owners and occupants of Gleiberg documented in the second half of the 11th century.


About Friedrich survives in contemporary sources little. In 1020 he built the castle of Limburg on the old royal manorial Baelen, which he had inherited from his mother. This was the origin of the town of Limbourg and the county or of the later Duchy of Limburg.

When in 1044 the Duke Gotzelo I died of Upper and Lower Lorraine, Emperor Henry III. the duchy of Lower Lorraine to his younger son Gotzelo II, while Upper Lorraine to the older brother Gottfried III. , " the bearded ones " went.

After the early death Gozelos claimed in 1046 Gottfried III. and Lower Lorraine. But Emperor Henry gave it to Frederick, who was a nephew of the Empress Dowager Cunegonde. However, the related sovereign rights were low.

With the help of the Abbot of Stavelot and his brother Adalbero III. of Luxembourg, was bishop of Metz in 1047, Friedrich was able to secure the bailiwicks about Stavelot, Malmedy and on the Metzer own monastery of St. Truiden.

Meanwhile, Henry IV became German king. When Frederick died in 1065, Gottfried III received. " The bearded one", the Duchy of Lower Lorraine.


Frederick was married twice.

  • His first wife was Gerberga ( † around 1049 ), a daughter of Count Eustace I of Boulogne ( Boulogne house ). With her he had a daughter named Judith or Jutta. She was the heiress of Limburg and brought it to her husband, Walram II ( Arlon ), Count of Arlon, into the marriage.
  • His second wife was Ida († July 31, 1101 ), a daughter of Duke Bernhard II of Saxony from the family of Bill Unger. Children from this marriage are not known.

Frederick died on 28 August 1065 and was buried in the Abbey of Stavelot next to his first wife.

Ida went to Frederick's death a new marriage with Count Albert III. of Namur in.