Frederick I, Duke of Upper Lorraine

Frederick I († May 18 978) from the family of Wigeriche was a son of the Count Palatine Wigerich and Karolin Gerin Cunegonde, a granddaughter of Louis the Stammerer. He was for about 955 Count of Bar and duke of Upper Lorraine from 959.

939 for the first time witnessed, he has already led 942 the title of Dux Lotharingiae, with the title of duke of Lorraine his half-brother Otto von Verdun ( † 944 ), in fact - both had the same mother - had been given.

In an attempt to create their own power base, he exchanged with the bishop of Toul land, which he got the county bar in his hand. He married 954/955 Beatrix ( † 23 August after 987 ), the daughter of Dux Francorum Hugh the Great ( Robertiner ) and Hadwig, and sister of Hugh Capet; This marriage brought him the possession of the Abbey of Saint -Denis in Lorraine, including the Abbey of Saint - Mihiel, so that Frederick now had a considerable estate in Lorraine.

The Duchy of Upper Lorraine, he got 959 then actually in the hand as he. From his uncle by marriage, the Liudolfinger Brun, since 953 Archbishop of Cologne and office-holders in Lorraine, was employed as a deputy Bruns death 965 changed to Frederick deputy position in fact nothing, since it was the Emperor Otto I retained the suzerainty over Lorraine in the wake of his brother.

Children of Frederick and Beatrix were:

  • Henry, 957-72 testified † before 978
  • Adalbero, 962 testified, † December 14, 1005, 984 Bishop of Verdun, 984 Bishop of Metz, The Abbey of St. Symphorien in Metz donates, buried in Metz
  • Dietrich I of Bar, 972 testified, † April 11, 1027 / 33, 978 Duke of Upper Lorraine, Lord of Amance; ∞ Richilde, probably daughter of Folmar I of Count of Metz and Graf Bliesgau.