Frederick II, Duke of Upper Lorraine

Frederick II ( † 1026) from the family of Wigeriche was Count of Bar and duke of Upper Lorraine.

He was the son of the Duke Dietrich I ( † 1026/1027 ) and the Richilde of Blieskastel. 1019 his father made ​​him his co-regent. After the death of Emperor Henry II ( 1024) he rose with Ernst II, Duke of Swabia against his successor Conrad II, then threw himself but, closing the marriage to Conrad's sister, Mathilde of Swabia ( probably * 988, † 29 July. 1031/1032), daughter of Duke Hermann II of Swabia and the Gerberga of Burgundy, the sister of the Empress Gisela and widow of the Duke Konrad I of Carinthia.

Children of Frederick and Matilda were:

  • Sophia ( † 1093 ), a widow Countess of Mousson, in Amance, bar and Sarreguemines; ∞ 1037 Ludwig von Mousson, Count, castellanus of Montbéliard Altkirch and Pfirt (House Scarponnois )
  • Frederick III. , Count of Bar, Duke of Upper Lorraine (1027-1033)
  • Beatrix ( † 1076 ) ∞ 1037 I Boniface of Canossa, marquis of Tuscia († 1052 ) - the parents of Matilda of Tuscany; ∞ II 1054 Gottfried III. the Bearded Duke of Lower Lorraine († 1069)

Frederick II died in 1026 and thus before his father; Mathilde married his third wife ESIKO, Count of Ballenstedt, Count of Schwabengau and Serimunt Gau, † probably 1059/1060.