Frederick William, Prince of Nassau-Weilburg

Friedrich Wilhelm of Nassau- Weilburg ( born October 25, 1768 in The Hague, The Netherlands, † January 9, 1816 in Weilburg Castle ) was on 28 November 1788 to his death Prince of Nassau -Weilburg and had as its closest relative without male heirs remained cousin Friedrich August von Nassau- Usingen its successor should take as duke of the duchy in 1806 formed the Rhine Confederation following the accession Nassau.


Friedrich Wilhelm came in 1768 as the son of Karl Christian of Nassau- Weilburg ( * 1735, † 1788) to the world. After the occupation of the near Mainz by the French Friedrich- Wilhelm fled from Nassau -Weilburg in 1793 out of the castle Kirchheimbolanden, in addition to Weilburg newly built residence of his father, to Bayreuth. Thus ended for the lock to function as a princely residence, and therefore the rule of the Prince of Nassau -Weilburg about this region. After his death he became Prince of Nassau- Weilburg. As in 1806, the Duchy of Nassau was created by the grace of Napoleon, Frederick William ruled jointly with his 30 years old cousin Friedrich August ( born April 23 1738 † March 24, 1816 ) from Schloss Biebrich, since it was already clear at this time that Frederick August would remain without a male heir - among his seven children were two sons who died in infancy. Thus, it was clear that the House of Nassau - Usingen would coincide with the duke Friedrich Wilhelm of Nassau -Weilburg.

To this end, it did not come, because Frederick William was born on January 9, 1816 at the age of 47 years by a fall from a stairway in castle Weilburg died. Frederick Augustus died a few weeks later, on 24 March 1816 so that Frederick William son of William Duke was, had built the Erbprinzpalais for his father in the Wiesbaden Wilhelmstrasse 1813, which was no longer related.


Prince Frederick William married in his accession, on 31 July, Princess Louise of Sayn- ​​Hachenburg (* 1772, † 1827) in Hachenburg. They had four children together:

  • Wilhelm Georg August Belgicus ( born June 14, 1792 in Kirchheimbolanden; † August 20, 1839 in Bad Kissingen ), heir to the throne and Duke of Nassau 1816-1839
  • Louise Auguste Wilhelmine (* January 5, 1794, † April 11, 1796 )
  • Frederike Henriette Alexandrine ( born October 30, 1797 in Bavaria; † December 29, 1829 in Vienna) ∞ 1815 Archduke Charles of Austria -Teschen
  • Friedrich Wilhelm ( * December 15, 1799; † January 6, 1845 ) ∞ Anna Noble of Wallgemare, Countess of Tiefenbach