Fredericton is the capital of the Canadian Atlantic province of New Brunswick in eastern Canada and the County York County, with 56 224 inhabitants in 2011 and 105 688 inhabitants in the Greater Fredericton is the third largest city in the province. Fredericton is home to two universities.

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Location and climate

The city is located about 90 km northwest of Saint John and around 150 km south-west of Moncton. The city is divided by the Saint John River. With Oromocto is a comparably sized city in about 20 km distance.

Economy and infrastructure

One of the largest private companies and employers in the area include: J. D. Irving, United Parcel Service, Maple Leaf Homes, Marriott Worldwide Reservation Centre, Bell Aliant, ADI Ltd.. , Walmart, Omni Facility Services Canada Corporation, Hamilton Kennedy Inc., SkillSoft, York Manor Nursing Home, Barrett Xplore Inc., Delta Fredericton.

Among the urban and public employers include: the Province of New Brunswick ( Fredericton ), River Valley Health Corporation, NB Power, School District 18, University of New Brunswick, City of Fredericton, Mactaquac Provincial Park and Service Canada.

The largest economic sectors include:

  • Trade,
  • Research,
  • Construction industry,
  • Public institutions,
  • Health facilities,
  • Finance and Insurance


In Fredericton, there are several basic ( elementary ) and secondary schools ( high schools ). Of the three public high schools is taught in two in English, at the third predominantly in French. The Fredericton High School, founded in 1785, which was once one of the largest schools in the Commonwealth of Nations, usually visit the students who live in the southern part of the city. The high school has several sports teams in basketball, hockey, soccer and American football.

The Leo Hayes High School, which opened in 1999, is visited mainly by students who live in the north of the city. The school is operated by a private provider, but by a state partnership. The focus of the teaching of the school is located in the artistic, sporting and general education.

Furthermore, four middle schools, and fourteen elementary schools located in the urban area.

Universities and research

In the city there are several universities: The University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University and the University of Fredericton. The University of New Brunswick was founded in 1785 and is with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill one of the oldest universities in North America. The St. Thomas University is the only Catholic university in New Brunswick. It was founded in 1964 and offers studies in the fields of journalism, criminology, gerontology and social sciences. Furthermore, the university is a leader in 2D and 3D graphic animation techniques.

Research institutions

Fredericton hosts several major research institutions in the field of agriculture, forestry and engineering. The Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre The (including the municipal and provincial research institutions ) is home to the biggest and the leading research center in central Canada. The research center is cooperating with the University of New Brunswick.

Due to the growing IT sector, a research branch has been established. Established in 2002, the National Research Council of Canada Institute for Information Technology - e- Business facility, located on the campus of the University of New Brunswick.


In Fredericton several print media appear. The largest daily newspaper is the Daily Gleaner daily with a circulation of 16,000 copies. The Telegraph -Journal, is headquartered in Saint John, but engaged in a special edition for Fredericton and has an office in town.

In Fredericton there are no regional television. These are located only in the larger city of Saint John. However, Fredericton has ten radio stations that operate in the city broadcast studios and supply the city and the surrounding towns. These include, inter alia, CKHJ - Today 's Country and The Fox 95.3FM, a rock music station.


Fredericton is a university town with art gallery and theater. The Christ Church Cathedral is known as the first cathedral in North America.

The University of New Brunswick was founded in 1785 ( originally called " King's College " ) is the oldest public university in North America. The St. John River divides the city into Northside and Southside.

The representative Rathaus ( City Hall) in a Victorian style dates from the year 1876.

Twin Cities

  • Flag of South Korea Gangnam -gu, South Korea


Air connections

The Fredericton International Airport is located about 15 km from Fredericton. The airport connects the city with several innerländischen goals. Be Flew et al Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Montreal. There are also seasonal flights to the Caribbean and Cuba.

Roads and Highways

Fredericton is connected to the main Trans-Canada Highway. In addition, several highways connect the city with other cities in the area.


The urban public transport operates Fredericton Transit. It operated several bus lines that serve the surrounding communities. Also operates Acadian Intercity Bus Lines intercity bus routes that connect the city especially with the eastern cities of the province.


  • Charles Fisher (1808-1880), politician
  • Charles Frederic Hartt (1840-1878), naturalist
  • Willie O'Ree ( born 1935 ), ice hockey player
  • Joe Medjuck ( born 1943 ), producer
  • Danny Grant ( born 1945 ), ice hockey player and coach
  • Jeffrey Scholten ( born 1977 ), Shorttracker