Fredrik Lundin

Fredrik Lundin ( born April 7, 1963 in Copenhagen ) is a Danish jazz musician (saxophone and flute).

Life and work

Lundin made ​​his debut as a professional jazz musician in 1981 with his own trio and in the same year a member of the European Youth Jazz Orchestra. He was a member of the bands of Erling Kroner, Frans Bak Bo Stief and Jan Kaspersen and worked as a sideman with Marilyn Mazur, Kenneth Knudsen, Jon Balke, Django Bates, Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Pierre Dørge, Steve Swallow, Aske Jacoby, Kasper Winding and others.

1986 Lundin published his first album as a leader. The following year he married the singer-songwriter Trine -Lise Väring with which he 1992, the grammy - nominated album, People, Places, Times and Faces recorded. In 1994 he founded the Swedish percussionist Peter Danemo the Lundin / Danemo Kvartet, with whom he 1997 Music For Dancers And Dreamers recorded.

With the English keyboardist Django Bates and percussionist Lisbeth Diers 1997 he played a live program on Swedish radio (12 Jazz Visits). In 2000 he founded the eleven-member band Fredrik Lundin Overdrive, whose debut album Choose Your Boots 2001 Danish Music Award was awarded as the best jazz recording, and the readers and critics price of the magazine Jazz specials.

At the opening of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2003 Lundin formed the group basalt ( with Anders Jormin, Audun Kleive, Krister Jonsson and Lars Andreas Haug ), which he performed his own compositions ( the concert was broadcast on Danish radio ).

In addition to arranging and composing for his own band Lundin wrote music for dance theater performances (including Regndråben under Thomas Eisenhardt, Rå pita with Lars Dahl Pedersen ), for children's theater pieces by Jacques Matthiessen and for chamber orchestra. A commissioned work for the Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet appeared on the album Six Danish Composers. He also teaches saxophone, composition and ensemble playing, among others Rytmisk at the Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.


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  • People, Places, Times & Faces with Trine -Lise Väring, Kenneth Knudsen, Palle Danielsson, Audun Kleive, Lars Vissing, Ture Larsen, Frederik Gislinge, Henrik Sveidahl, Monica Bauchwitz, Mats Olofsson, 1992
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  • Fredrik Lundin Overdrive Plays The Music of Leadbelly, Belly -up with Per Jørgensen, Krister Jonsson, Henrik Gunde, Jens Kristian Watches Holdt, Emil De Waal, Jonas Johansen, Maj Berit Guassora, Mia Engsager, Lis Wessberg, Ola Nordqvist, Klaus Löhrer, 2004