Fredrik Meltzer

Frederik Meltzer ( born September 29, 1779 Bergen, † December 15, 1855 in Bergen ) was a Norwegian merchant and politician.

His parents were the merchant and citizen representative Clamer Eberhard Meltzer (1745-1815) and his wife Henrikke Stoltz ( 1758-1785 ). On April 27, 1802, he married Margrethe stub (31 August 1779-24. April 1832 ), daughter of Jacob Schiffer stub ( 1748-1812 ) and his wife Emmiche Desingthun ( 1751-1820 ). His family came from Roedinghausen and immigrated around 1690.

Meltzer received his business education from 1796 to 1798 in London. 1800 to 1801 he traveled to the Netherlands, France and Germany. After that he began in the import and export company of his father in Bergen. In 1803 he acquired the rights of citizenship as Commissioner of. In 1805 he became sole owner of his father's business. In the famine years 1807-1814 he worked to the government for the fish export and supply of grain. With a friend he prepared several Sunnmærsboote, the procured grain from Denmark. He undertook with his ship " Død eller Brød " (death or bread) and privateering.

1825 to 1855 he was also top- goods examiner for the fish. Meltzer became so taken by the public and semi-public tasks to complete, including that his business began to suffer.

In March 1814 Meltzer was elected for the fourth representative of the city of Bergen in the national assembly at Eidsvoll. There he joined the moderate wing of the independence party. He sat in the Finance Committee and was an avid supporter of Eidsvollgarantie. 1815 to 1816 he was deputy delegate to the Storting, then from 1821 to 1822, 1824 and 1833-1842 Delegate. During this time he was a member of various financial and economic committees. Many of the economic and financial laws were drafted by him. In Bergen he was from 1813 to 1829 a member of the city council from 1837 to 1849 and a member of the Municipal Council.

In 1821 he designed the now valid Norwegian flag.

As in 1816, Norges Bank was built, Meltzer became head of the department in Bergen and remained so until his death. He was also one of the 1823 financial contributors to Bergens Sparebank. He was also one of the founders in 1813 of the Stock Exchange of Bergen and member of the Board of the " Bergenske Søassuranceselskab " ( Bergen marine insurance ).

1803 to 1852 he was cashier at " Det nyttige Selskab " ( The utilitarian society ), many years secretary " Det dramatiske Selskab " ( Dramatic Society), where he also appeared as an actor, and from 1813 to 1818 member of the Regional Commission of the " Selskabet Norges Vel for " ( society of Norway's welfare ). He sat from 1836 to 1839 on the board of the lodge " The gode Hensigt " ( The good intention ). He was also director of the secondary school and the art school was in the music society " harmony " is active, 1838 was one of the founders of " Bergen Art Association " and sat on the Executive Board of the newly established " Bergens Museum ".

Frederik Meltzer's diary, which he led over 57 years, is one of the most important sources about the daily life at that time in Bergen. The largest part of the diary is preserved.

He was a knight of the Swedish Vasa Order and was from 1816 to 1840 the French vice-consul in Bergen.


The article is based on the Norsk biografisk leksikon.