Fredrikstad FK

The Fredrikstad Stadium is a football stadium in the Norwegian town of Fredrikstad in Østfold Fylke. The team of Fredrikstad FK meets here at their opponents and the club is the owner of the sports facility. The venue with 12,560 seats (expandable to 15,000 seats ), built in 1914 Gamle Fredrikstad replaced the stadium as a venue.


Construction of the plant with four covered grandstands began on 16 September 2005. Swedish construction company NCC AB built the stadium designed by the architecture firm grip Arkitektur AS on the territory of the former shipyard Værste AS. On 1 February, two weeks before the opening, the approximately 223 million NOK was completed expensive arena. The inauguration of the stadium was celebrated with the game against Fredrikstad FK Lyn Oslo on 14 February 2007. The main grandstand Værste - tribunes and the opposite stand Gjensidige - tribunes are fully equipped with seats. The main rank is home to the VIP lounge and the lodges, the TV studio of the club's own transmitter FFK - TV, the changing rooms, a gym and a restaurant. Inside the opposite stand is a department of the Norwegian Football Museum. Located behind the FB tribunes ( North) and DnB NOR tribunes (South) are each equipped with three-quarters of seats. On the standing area of the south stand the visiting fans find their seats. Inside the North Stand are food stalls catering to the visitors.

In addition, there are six rooms in the stadium and 10 lodges for 2 to 700 people. In these conferences, seminars, parties and other events can be held. All rooms are equipped with modern means of communication. The rooms are according to former players ( Einar William Sten Moe, Rolf Johannessen, Bjørn Spydevold, Erik Holmberg, Knut Brynildsen, Arne Pedersen, Roar Johansen, Per Kristoffersen, Bjørn Borgen and Per Egil Ahlsen ) of the Association and the former club chairman (1905 - 1907) and president of the association of Norway ( 1920-1924 ), Reidar O. Bergh, named.


  • Værste - tribune - Main Grandstand, West
  • Gjensidige - tribune - opposite stand, East
  • FB- tribune - stand behind, North
  • DnB NOR tribunes - stand behind, South