Free Church of Scotland (since 1900)

The Free Church of Scotland is a Reformed Free Church in Scotland. It existed in its first form 1843 to 1900 and exists in its present form in Scotland since 1900. She is a member of the International Conference of Reformed Churches.



The Free Church of Scotland (1843-1900) was a split from the Church of Scotland in 1843 after a schism. This was preceded by the cleavage clashes between the majority and the minority's wing of the Moderate wing of the Evangelicals to Thomas Chalmers, was the main point of contention in the attitude to the question of the rights of patronage. The majority was of the view here that eg in filling pastorates the patron zukäme a privilege, while the minority regarded as the patron saint of unlawful interference or government in the matter of the church, and ( especially in the context of urbanization ) as an obstacle for new church plants. 1843 left for this reason 451 of 1203 pastors the Church of Scotland and almost a quarter of the population and constituted themselves as independent of the state free church, which soon had more than 500 communities.

Originally in their theology more than the Church of Scotland characterized by Calvinist orthodoxy Free Church turned in the last decades of the 19th century after a debate initiated by the theologian William Robertson Smith debate mostly a less traditionalist approach to.

In 1900, the Free Church of Scotland united mostly with United Presbyterian Church of Scotland to the United Free Church of Scotland, which, in turn, in their great majority again joined together in 1929 with the Church of Scotland.

1900 to today

A small minority of the original Free Church of Scotland, which represented a conservative Calvinism and its geographic focus in the Highlands and in the Hebrides has (had ), did not follow the union in 1900 and still exists today. This in Scotland mockingly Wee Frees ( " The small / tiny free church " ) called direction obtained in 1904 far beyond Scotland attention than her to be, and thus their entire assets managed on the right paths, intended for legal successor of the "old" Free Church and all properties being awarded. The conflict was finally resolved by the British Parliament, The memorandum divided the disputed ownership, while the new Free Church on its meaning also shares in this zusprach.

In January 2000, a group of this church split off under the name of Free Church of Scotland (Continuing ).

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