The Fremersberg is a 524.6 m above sea level. NHN high mountain in the northern Black Forest on the boundary of the town of Baden -Baden and the community Sinzheim. On the summit of living space Fremersberg tower is a guest house built in 1961 and the 85 m high Fremersberg Tower, a radio tower with a viewing platform.


The Fremersberg lies in the west of the main town of Baden-Baden, and separates them together with the Yberg of the Reblandgemeinden Varnhalt, Steinbach and Neuweier. From Fremersberg Tower has a view of the valley of Baden -Baden, the Upper Rhine and the Vosges mountains in the west, to the east of the northern Black Forest with the Mercury. In the northeast, one sees the Battert with the rock formation and the ruins of Castle Hohenbaden.

On the southern slope of the Fremersbergs is the convent Fremersberg, an exclave of Sinzheimer district. To the former Franciscan monastery climbs one of the 14 regional legends that are on display as images in the drinking hall Baden -Baden.

On the northwest side of the Fremersbergs is the cabin Fremersberg. The Margravine Sibylla Augusta - widow Franziska of Saxe- Lauenburg, had to build in the years 1716-21 by Johann Michael Ludwig Rohrer build for their sons. The original plan of the building with überkuppeltem octagonal central space rises above the shape of the Palatine St. Hubert Order, an eight -pointed star.