French Open

The French Open ( officially the Tournoi de Roland Garros, " Roland Garros Tournament", called ) is the second tennis tournament of the Grand Slam tournaments since 1891 and find every year between mid-May and early June at the Stade Roland Garros in the 16th arrondissement place in Paris. The French Open is the only clay court tournament of the Grand Slam series and represent a special challenge for the players as the game is much slower than for example on hard court surfaces for Red ash. This has the consequence that the matches take longer on average than other games at Grand Slam tournaments. The center court in Paris is named after Philippe Chatrier (1926-2000), the tournament after the aviation pioneer Roland Garros ( 1888-1918 ).


The first " Championnat de France International de Tennis " ( the international tennis championships in France ) found in 1891 in Paris. The first winner in the men's singles was the Briton H. Briggs. The women were allowed to compete for the first time in 1897. By 1925, the tournament start was exclusively French and a very limited number of selected foreign athletes reserved. In these early decades was still played on grass and the venue alternating between the "Racing Club de France " and the " Stade Français ". 1928 built a new tennis stadium in the course of imminent Davis Cup clash near Porte d' Auteuil. It was named after the revered as a hero of the First World War in France fighter pilot Roland Garros. As a reason, it now selected the first time those covering which is still regarded as the defining hallmark of the French Open, the tournament gives its special charm and very special challenges to the player provides: terre battue - the slow "red ash " from crushed bricks, the forcing the player to a patient build-up play and makes network attacks. The Stade Roland Garros was opened on 19 May 1928, a women's international match.

Initially the tournament was - like the Olympics - exclusively reserved for the amateurs. Since 1968, the beginning of the so-called " Open Era ", the story of " The Open Championship ", all players are eligible. In 2000, won with Mary Pierce, the last Frenchwoman the French Open. Since 2006, the French Open start on Sunday. The number of games this Sunday was increased from 16 (2006) to 24 ( 2007), and now at 32 (2008).

2010, the French Open were transferred for the first time in 3D and could be seen in three dimensions also in public places. The tournament became the first sports event whose public viewing took place in 3D.

Due to the significantly lower capacity of the system, however, a move the French Open is discussed. Compared to other Grand Slam tournaments, the Paris area is not even half the size and even the spectator capacity significantly lower. Expansion plans have failed so far, however, to the local residents and environmentalists.



  • In all competitions: Henri Cochet (France), 9 tracks (4 singles, 3 doubles, 2 mixed)
  • Single: Max Décugis (France), Rafael Nadal (Spain ), 8
  • Individual titles in a row: Paul Aymé (France), Bjorn Borg (Sweden) 4 ever, Rafael Nadal twice 4
  • Double: Roy Emerson ( Australia), 6


  • In all competitions: Margaret Smith Court (Australia ), 13 ( 5 singles, 4 doubles, 4 mixed)
  • Single: Chris Evert (USA), 7
  • Individual titles in a row: Helen Wills Moody (USA), Hilde Sperling ( Germany ), Monica Seles (Yugoslavia) and Justine Henin (Belgium ), 3
  • Doubles: Martina Navratilova (Czechoslovakia / USA), 7

Recent solo winner:

  • Men: Michael Chang ( 1989): 17 years, 3 months
  • Women: Monica Seles (1990 ): 16 years, 6 months

Oldest single - winner:

  • Men: Andres Gimeno (1972 ): 34 years, 10 months
  • Women: Chris Evert (1986 ): 31 years, 5 months

All winners

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