Friedelhausen is a municipality in the district Schmalkalden- Meiningen in Thuringia. It belongs to the administrative community to Wasungen official sand, which has its headquarters in the city Wasungen.


Friedelhausen lies in the Thuringian Rhön front.


The first mention of the place was 1186th The city was the seat of the medieval "Center Friedelhausen ", which was first mentioned in 1297, when it was pledged by the Bishop of Würzburg in the county of Henneberg - Schleusingen. At this time the court Friedelhausen included the places Friedelhausen, Oberkatz, Unterkatz, Oepfershausen, Hümpfershausen with the monastery Sinnershausen, delusion, Schwarzenbach and a large number of desertions, including soap village, Dörrensolz and Hahnberg. For the area of the court Friedelhausen, which underwent several extensions beginning of the 14th century, first appeared in 1350, the term " official sand " on without a reliable explanation of the name can be given. The Office has since sand identical to the center court Friedelhausen.

Friedelhausen was 1609-1699 of witch hunts affected: 13 people got into witch trials, six defendants were burned, a man punished with expulsion from the country, of three processes the output is unknown. First name known victim was 1613 Ottilia, Michael Diller wife.


The municipal council of Friedelhausen is composed of six council women and councilors belonging to the constituency association FMV. (As at municipal election on June 27, 2004)

The honorary mayor Michael Kirchner was elected on June 6, 2010. 79.1 % of the total of 127 voters (262 voters ) were in favor of it.

Culture and sights


  • Football team " Beet Friedelhausen "