Friesland is a landscape on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands and Germany. Namesake, the Frisians. Translations in local languages ​​: Westlauwers - Frisian: Fryslân; North Frisian: Fraschlönj / Friislon; Sater ( Ostfriesisch ): Fräislound; East Frisian Low German: Freeland; Gronings: Fraislaand; Dutch: Friesland; Danish: Frisland

At this landscape Friesland are as follows ( from West to East ):

  • West Friesland in the Dutch province of North Holland
  • The province of Friesland in the Netherlands ( Frisian name: Fryslân )
  • In Lower Saxony: Ostfriesland
  • Saterland
  • Of Friesland district and the city of Wilhelmshaven in Lower Saxony ( Oldenburg Friesland).
  • The former, of storm surges divided Rüstringen today: Butjadingen, Urban land, Frisian Wehde, Varel ( the latter two are now part of the district of Friesland)
  • The North Sea island of Helgoland
  • North Frisia

Historically were also other areas of today's IJsselmeer to the mouth of the Rhine and the Groninger Ommelande ("Little Friesland " ) to Friesland. Friesen also populated also areas that are not counted as Friesland or have been, such as the British Isles.

Many Frisian associations and institutions have now joined the Inter -Frisian Council.

History of Friesland

  • Friesen
  • Großfriesisches Empire
  • Frisian - Frankish wars