Fritigern (* first half of the 4th century; † about 382 ) was a terwingischer Reik and commander.

The Gothic kingdom terwingische ( Gutþiuda ) was divided into so-called Kunja (singular Kuni, " Gender, followers") are provided by a Reik ( gothic " ruler " ) were cited. In times of crisis Reik became the head of the Empire (Latin iudex "judge" ) is selected. This office has held 375 Athanaric before the invasion of the Huns. The Kuni of Fritigern one located west of the Pruths.

Fritigern was Arians and enemies Athanaric. After the destruction of the Gothic kingdom on the Danube by the Huns led Fritigern the majority of Tervingi 376 in the Roman Empire, where the Emperor Valens granted the Visigoths settlement area in Thrace and Smyrna. The poor supply of the Goths, it soon for the Gothic war. Fritigern defeated Valens on August 9, 378 in the disastrous for the Romans battle of Adrian Opel, in which one part of the Roman army was destroyed in the east. The Goths could this victory with which the historian Ammianus Marcellinus was forming his history, but do not use. Then it came to fighting with the Romans under Theodosius I. This concluded a contract 382 ( foedus ) with the Goths, where the name Fritigern no longer shows up, which is to assume that he was deceased or no longer mattered.

His Gothic name is not clearly documented. In research Fritigern is sometimes equated with the Friþareiks mentioned in the Gothic Calendar fragment. Thus, his name would correspond to the German name Friedrich. According to this calendar His feast day was the 23rd of October.

In the 19th-century Walhalla Temple, the plaque No. 7 was built for Friediger.


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