Fritz Fend#FMR

The company vehicle and machine Regensburg (FMR ) was a vehicle manufacturer based in Regensburg.

FMR was from 1957, the successor to the Regensburger Stahl-und Maschinenbau, the manufacturer of the Messerschmitt cabin scooter KR 175, and from 1955 its successor, the KR 200

The FMR ( Director: Fritz Fend and Valentin Knott ) continued to provide her the KR 200 and developed the Tg 500, called Tiger. The production of 500 Tg already ran in 1961 (the data on production figures vary between about 320 and about 950 pieces), while the KR 200 was built until 1964. Then, the demand was so low that production was no longer profitable. Likewise, a motorized tricycle load " Mokuli " was prepared which partly could be driven with an insurance plate.

Messerschmitt bubble car