Frogger is an arcade and video game that was produced in 1981 by Sega and developed by Konami.

Game play

In the game it comes then to enter into a frog safely across a busy road and a river. On the road the frog fünfspurigen various motor vehicles must dodge. The frog can not swim, he crossed the river by taking advantage of turtles and to logs as platforms. He can fall swimming around crocodiles and snakes prey. The goal of each game level is to fill successively the five bays on the opposite bank with frogs. If there is a fly, you get 200 bonus points. This also applies to the entrainment of a female frog or at the completion of the course in particularly short time.

With an increasing number of points crossing the street is dangerous due to increased traffic. Likewise, increasing the number of enemies in the river, while the gaps between the platforms are larger.


Frogger won first in arcades and on the Atari 2600 in popularity and was later implemented for the Commodore VC 20/C64, the Sinclair Spectrum, the IBM PC and the Apple II and various games consoles. In July 2006, a version via Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360, is included in addition to improved graphics and an online multiplayer mode was released.

The Philips G7000 version of the game Frogger was distributed on two monitors (screens ): A screen was to crossing road, the other to the river crossing. So all the contents of the game could be played back on the graphically weak Philips G7000 console.

A version of the game is integrated into the lighting control consoles of the Frog series from Zero 88 as Easter Egg.

Today, the original program code can also independently before the original hardware with the emulator MAME are executed.

In 1997, a remake for the Playstation and the PC was released under the same name.


The first 16 seconds of a version for Datasette were known a wide audience in the play Atari Hamburg group Fischerspooner that they play on the radio ( so, for example, in the chaos of the radio ORB).

New edition

In April 2012 it was announced that Frogger appears in a new version. The setting is thereby transferred to the 5th Avenue New York. Developed the remake of the American artist Tyler DeAngelo, who processed the New York street traffic in a real-time system.