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Frogn is a municipality in Akershus in Norway. The seat of administration is Drøbak. The municipality is located on the southern portion of a peninsula between the Oslo Fjord and Bunnefjorden. Frogn borders the municipalities Nesodden, Ås and Vestby.

History and name

Frogn was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838. The city Drøbak was incorporated on 1 January 1962 with the municipality Frogn. The municipality (originally the parish ) was named after the old farm Frogn ( Norrøn: Fraunhofer ), since the first church was built here. The exact meaning is not known. One theory suggested the origin in norrønen frauđ n ' manure ' - which can be transmitted as the " fertile field made ​​".

Until 1889, the name was written " Fron ".

The coat of arms of the municipality dates back to the years 1988 and represents the fortress Oscar Borg


The municipality Frogn gives the German capital Berlin since the wall came down a Christmas tree every year. It symbolizes peace and solidarity with the reunited Germany. At the same time, the Christmas trees in Drøbak and on the Pariser Platz in Berlin are lit the first Advent.