FSV 1926 Fernwald

The FSV 1926 remote forest is a sports club from the central Hessian Steinbach, in the municipality of remote forest. By June 2007 he was called FSV 1926 Steinbach.

Founded in 1926 as FSV Steinbach, the club in 1935 was merged in the wake of the Nazi Gleichschaltung policy with other sports clubs Steinbach, there was the gymnastic and sporting community of Steinbach. In May 1949, the football club was re-established.

His biggest success of the club in 2005 with the rise in the Oberliga Hessen, which was secured with a 2-1 victory on the final day of the national league Hesse middle TSV Eintracht Stadtallendorf the competitor.

In a general meeting on 8 December 2006, the renaming of the club on 1 July 2007 it was decided. The club name has since become FSV 1926 remote forest. Since April 1, 2006 was Nicholas Semlitsch athletic director at FSV, since October 2007, he also held as coach. On 12 September 2009 he was discharged. Successor is the former assistant Stephan Belter.

Sports field

The venue of the FSV remote forest is the sports field in the Oppen Röder Str 2 in remote forest Steinbach. In addition to the lawn is there an artificial pitch, which also serves the other clubs of the community forest as a remote training facility. When not fit for natural turf here, the matches will be played in the league Hesse.

The capacity of the sports field is approximately 2,500 spectators.


  • 2005 Master of the division Hesse center

Known player

  • Sven Schmitt (former Eintracht Frankfurt, Darmstadt 98, Viktoria Aschaffenburg )
  • Nicholas Semlitsch ( Kickers Offenbach later, 1.FC Saarbrücken)
  • Claudius Weber (later FSV Mainz 05 and SV labor, VfB Lübeck)
  • Jens Boehnke (formerly SV Waldhof Mannheim, Karlsruhe SC, FSV Frankfurt)
  • Björn Pistauer (former Eintracht Frankfurt)
  • Claus -Peter Zick ( formerly Eintracht Frankfurt)
  • Giuseppe Messinese (formerly Hannover 96, 98 Darmstadt, Kickers Offenbach)
  • Stefan Dolzer (formerly Kickers Offenbach, LR Ahlen )
  • Domenico di Rosa (formerly Viktoria Aschaffenburg )

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  • Football club based in Hessen
  • Club in the Hessian Football Association
  • Sport ( Gießen district )
  • Remote forest
  • Founded in 1926