FTA is an abbreviation for:

  • Fabbrica Automobili di Toscana, former Italian carmaker
  • Failure to Acquire Rate, biometrics, refers to the share of absorption tests of the sensor, the fail
  • Fault Tree Analysis, Engl. for fault tree analysis
  • File Transfer Appliance
  • Film-coated tablets ( Pharmacy)
  • Financial Times Actuaries, UK stock index
  • First To answer, first answer in a new forum thread
  • First To Attend, first registration at an event, especially geocaching
  • Free-to -air, free -to-air program, see free TV
  • Free Trade Agreement, Eng. FTA
  • Free Trade Area, Eng. for free trade zone, see Free Trade Agreement
  • Free Theological Academy, the former name of the Free School of Theology casting
  • Fuck them all, a common Internet slang for your / the can / can call me all the time!
  • Future Transport Aircraft, project Identification of the BWB for the Airbus A400M
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