FTE is an abbreviation for:

  • Failure -to- Enroll rate, biometrics probability that it is a particular user not possible to perform a complete Enrollment
  • Flow -to-equity, a term used in business administration
  • Forum Train Europe, framework organization for international co-ordination of planning international travel and freight transport conditions in the European rail traffic, since 1 Jan. together in 1997 led by EFK and EGK the European passenger train timetable Conference
  • Research and technology development, common in Austria term related to research policy and the Council for Research and Technology Development
  • FTE automotive GmbH, a global automotive supplier of hydraulic brake and clutch systems, headquarters boars, Bavaria
  • Full Time Equivalent German full-time equivalent, code in personnel management

Fte stands for:

  • Fte maximal, manufacturer of satellite equipment, branch office Germany, Werne
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