FTL Games

FTL Games ( Faster -than- Light) was a division of Software Heaven Inc. and produced computer games in the 1980s and early 90s, including the first-ever real-time computer role-playing game Dungeon Master.


FTL was founded in 1982 by Wayne Holder. Holder had also set up software Heaven and Oasis system. He hired Bruce Webster, with whom he had made ​​his 1971 high school graduation, as head of FTL. The first project was the game SunDog Frozen Legacy, with its publication in 1984 Bruce Webster for health reasons, left the company. In parallel, Doug Bell and Andy Jaros was employed by FTL, which contributed their unfinished game Crystal Dragon. For this prototype, the successful Dungeon Master was developed at FTL. It was released in 1987 and ported in the following years to many more platforms. Around 1996, after a protracted development and release of Dungeon Master II, presented FTL Games operating.

Developed Games

In its ten year history FTL Games produced seven games for different platforms and published them in some cases themselves

  • SunDog Frozen Legacy ( 1984)
  • Oids (1987 )
  • Dungeon Master (1987 ) Chaos Strikes Back (1989 )
  • Dungeon Master: Theron 's Quest (1992, for TurboGrafx and PC Engine )
  • Dungeon Master II (1993 in Japan, 1996 in North America and Europe)
  • Dungeon Master Nexus (1998, for Sega Saturn, only in Japanese)