FTP Voyager

FTP Voyager is a FTP - client for the Windows operating system. FTP Voyager is developed by Mark P. Peterson and in German-speaking translated and published by kapper.net.

Since 1997 FTP Voyager exists as one of the first graphical FTP client for Windows. Mark Peterson, the inventor of the software comes from the modem U.S. Robotics forged and realized early on the value of graphical data transfer tools and developed for this reason this software. Over the years, originally a still rudimentary FTP client developed the standard for many FTP applications. According to the manufacturer FTP Voyager is the only client who understands each FTP Server dialect, which is not always an easy task with the existing number of different dialects of several thousand.

In addition to the basic functions of FTP Voyager now offers fully encrypted communication over SSL FTP ( also FTP-TLS/FTPS ) or SSH File Transfer Protocol, this extraordinary synchronization capabilities between client and server and scheduling functions for the controlled execution of various data transfers.

A special feature of this FTP client is called Synchronous navigation, a patented navigation, which automatically in the client window selects the identical directory when changing a directory in the server window and vice versa. A feature that web designers particularly appreciate.

Together with its sister product Serv -U FTP Voyager provides a simple communication platform for internal file transfers as well as for the exchange of sensitive data between companies, employees, branch offices and many other applications.