FTPFS is a virtual file system for Linux, which is based on the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

FTPFS was originally developed as a stand-alone Linux kernel module, but later integrated into the LUFS suite. LUFS was replaced by FUSE, where it will be further developed as of April 2007 curlftpfs based on the universal HTTP and FTP library libcurl.

In recent Linux distributions such as Debian (version 4.0 etch), Fedora, openSUSE ( version 10.3) or Gentoo Linux curlftpfs is already included.


FTP does not support random access to files. The final release date of curlftpfs (0.9.1 ) holds a file to be written, therefore, held in memory until it is closed. Only when closing it is then completely transferred. For large files, this can lead to the fact that the available memory of the client is no longer sufficient.