FTS stands for:

  • Automated guided vehicle system, in-house, floor-bound transport systems with automated guided vehicles for material transport
  • Fellow of the Theosophical Society, members of the Theosophical Society continued this designation after their names
  • Filamentous Temperature Sensitive, a group of proteins in Escherichia coli to stabilize the cell, homologous to eukaryotic cytoskeletal proteins tubulin and actin
  • Financial transaction tax, a tax on financial transactions
  • Flight Termination System, self-destruct system in rocket
  • Flexible transfer line, a technology- centered production concept
  • FTS Fly & Travel Service GmbH, a company founded in 1987 by German tourism company based in Essen
  • Fuck the system, especially on the Internet widespread expression of criticism of authorities
  • Fujitsu Technology Solutions, formerly Fujitsu Siemens Computers
  • Full Text Search, retrieval of texts in a variety of the same or of different types of files on a computer, see Full-Text Search
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