Fu Biao

Fù Biao傅彪( born September 27, 1963 in Beijing, † August 30, 2005 from liver cancer ibid.), was a famous Chinese film and television actor. Born the child of a military family, he studied after high school drama at the Beijing Film Academy. He played from 1995 to 2004 in ten feature films, including Shanghai Triad (摇啊摇,摇 到 外婆 桥Yao Yao a, Yao dào Waipo Qiao, 1995) and Happy Times ( Xingfu Shiguang幸福 时光; 2001) by Zhang Yimou and A World Without Thieves (天下 无 贼TianXia Wú characters; 2004) by Feng Xiǎogāng further rotated in 31 between 1993 and 2005 television films.