Fú Jiān

Fu Jian (Chinese苻 坚, Pinyin Fú Jian, Fu Chien W.-G. ) (reigned 357-385 ) was a conqueror Tibetan (proto - Tibetan ethnic group of the di氐) or turkomongolischer origin.

His grandfather Pu Hong, an officer of the last king Hun Shi Hu (r. 334-349 ), had 350 made ​​independently in Chang'an, Shaanxi Province, torn as internal conflicts the Hun state. Pu Hong founded his own dynasty - the Former Qin, even when he stood in the shadow of the neighboring kings of Mujung - Xianbei.

Fu Jian was a serious friend of Chinese culture, he was regarded as generous and as a major patron of Buddhism. In the years 369/70 he finally removed the rule of Mujung - Xianbei in Luoyang and Shang - te and agreed soon after all the " barbarian " states of North China, including the Tarim Basin. In the year 383 he attacked the Nationalist China of the Eastern Jin Dynasty to the upper reaches of the Huai He River, but suffered despite large numerical superiority a heavy defeat. Four or five subordinate princes and generals rebelled and staggered his kingdom deathblow.

In the following years, the Tabgatsch translated (also: Northern Wei Dynasty) under Tuoba Gui (r. 386-409 ) as masters of northern China by.