Fu Mingxia

Fu Mingxia (Chinese伏明霞, Pinyin Fu Mingxia, born August 16, 1978 in Wuhan ) is a former Chinese Water Diving. She won two gold medals in springboard diving and diving.

Her father taught her how to swim very early, at age five, she started to do gymnastics, but changed soon to the water jump. In 1990, she joined the training to Beijing to coach Xu Yiming. It has been used in international championships early on. In 1991, she became the youngest world champion in the water jumping when she won gold from the tower in Perth. A year later she was at the Olympics in Barcelona youngest Olympic champion in diving and the second youngest Olympic champion ever, only the USA's Marjorie Gestring 1936 was younger when she won the springboard diving.

After a World Championship title in 1994 in Hiroshima, she was at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta Olympic gold medalist from the 3- meter board and from the tower, the first double Olympic champion since Ingrid Krämer 1960. After nine years of training at the highest level they focused in the following years to her studies at Tsinghua University, but in 1999 she returned to the water jump. In the 2000 Olympics she won gold from the 3- meter board, as the first water jumper ever they won in three Olympic Games gold.

2002 married Fu Mingxia in Hong Kong the bank manager Antony Leung and a year later their daughter was born. In 2005, Fu Mingxia was inducted into the Hall of Fame International Swimming Sports.