Fu Shou

Empress Fu Shou ,伏 寿, Fú Shou, († 214) was an empress during Han Dynasty. She was the first wife of Han Xiandi, the last emperor of the dynasty.

Family background and marriage to Emperor Xian

Fu Shou's father was Wan Fu, a descendant in the seventh generation of the Han - Fu Dan officials and hereditary Marquis of Buqi. His wife was the Princess Yang'an, a daughter of Emperor Huan; if she was Fu Shou's mother, however, is not clear.

In the year 190, when Emperor Xian was largely under the control of Dong Zhuo and the capital had to move to Chang'an, Fu Shou was imperial concubine. In the year 195, when the Emperor was under the influence of Dong Zhuo's subordinates Jue Li and Guo Si, she became empress.

As Empress

As long as Emperor Xian was under the control of various warlords, he cultivated and Empress Fu Shou obviously a love relationship, but both saw his power more and more disappear. In the year 195, Emperor Xian to escape back to Luoyang, the Empress personally carried silk, which was stolen by enemy soldiers, and her bodyguard died so close to her that her dress was stained by their blood. When she finally returned to Luoyang, the inventories of the court had been consumed, and although there is no record of the sufferings of the Empress, many court officials starved or were killed by robbers. Once Cao Cao arrived in 196, this distress was over. Cao Cao took the control of Emperor Xian and the yard and pulled with all his headquarters after Xu (in today Xuchang, Henan).

Empress Fu Shou was not happy about Cao Cao's rule. In 200 Emperor Xian's concubine Dong was executed by a conspiracy of their father Cheng Dong Cao Cao. Empress Fu Shou was overcome by anger and fear, and complained in a letter to her father Fu Wan Cao Cao's cruelty. She asked him therein indirectly to foment a conspiracy against Cao Cao. Fu Wan feared Cao Cao and did not respond to the letter, but in 214 it was discovered. Cao Cao was furious and demanded Emperor Xian on to depose Empress Fu Shou. Emperor Xian hesitated, but Cao Cao occupied the palace with his troops. Although Empress Fu Shou hid, she was discovered and dragged out of the palace. As she continued, she cried the Emperor that he would save her life, but his response was: "I do not even know what will happen to me How shall I know your fate, indeed can prevent. ? " She was killed with her two sons and her family. Emperor Xian stayed alive, but his status as a puppet was now unshakable. Cao Cao forced the emperor in the following year, his daughter Cao Jie to appoint the empress, who had been his concubine until then.

  • Empress of the Eastern Han Dynasty
  • Han Dynasty
  • Chinese
  • Born in the 2nd century
  • Died 214
  • Woman