Fuengirola is a town in the Spanish region of Andalusia. She is one of 100 independent communities of the province of Malaga. The sole official language is Spanish ( Castilian).

The town of Fuengirola has 77 397 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2013 ) on an area of 10.17 km ². This corresponds to 7610 inhabitants per km ². The community is thus of its surface ago one of the smallest cities in Spain, but has a very high population density. Among the residents are 25 % foreigners, especially Europeans ( including many British, Irish, Finns and Swedes ), continue Moroccan, South American and Chinese. Fuengirola, Marbella and Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol counted in 2005 spain widely among the cities with the highest crime.

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Geographical Location

Fuengirola is 572.7 km from the Spanish capital, Madrid, on the south coast of the Iberian Peninsula. 27 km southwest of Málaga on the Costa del Sol stretches the city along the eastern coast. Neighboring municipalities in the Northeast Benalmádena and throughout the northwest, west and southwest the municipality of Mijas, Fuengirola which encloses the land side. The city area is almost entirely built on. The average height is six feet above sea level. Fuengirola has a beach of a little more than seven kilometers in length.


The urban area of ​​Fuengirola is from south to north in the district Fuengirola ( centro), San Cayetano, El divided Boquetillo, Santa Fe de los Boliches, Los Pacos, Torreblanca del Sol and Carvajal.


The region around Fuengirola offers a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with an average annual temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, an annual rainfall of 500 liters / m² and nearly 3000 hours of sunshine per year.


The origins of the city go on colonization of the area by the Phoenicians back. The Romans called the city of Suel, she was a district town in Roman Baetica region. In the 8th century, the Moors conquered the area and called the city Sojayl. Under Abd ar -Rahman III. was built the castle in 956.

In the 15th century the city in the final phase of the " Reconquista " was recaptured by the Catholics. The Sohail Castle was not until 1497, five years after the fall of Granada, conquered by the Christians. Only in 1730 it was rebuilt, this time in order to prevent trade in the 1704 conquered by the British in Gibraltar.

Economy and infrastructure


Today Fuengirola is strongly influenced by tourism. The ten -kilometer seaside promenade extends from the east to the Carvajal " Beatriz Palace Hotel " in the West. Usually located on the opposite side of the promenade the beach high-rise apartment houses and, increasingly, hotels in the four- star segment. In the ground floors there are many shops, restaurants and bars. On the approximately seven kilometers long beach, numerous restaurants offering mainly fish.

The old Sohail castle on a hill outside the city with views of the bay was the emblem of Fuengirola. In the castle often musical events and fiestas. The interior of the place has preserved especially on the " plazas " with churches, Andalusia. Every Tuesday there is a market, which is one of the most extensive on the Costa del Sol.


Fuengirola has a rail connection to the LÍNEA C-1, a local train, Cercanías Málaga, the transport company RENFE Operadora, the half-hour on the station Aeropuerto ( " Airport " ) to Malaga wrong. There is no continuous 24 -hour operation of the railway line, the first trains from Málaga towards Fuengirola (terminus) from 5.45 clock and back from Fuengirola at 6.20 clock. The travel time in one direction is 45 minutes.

In the direction of Málaga follow in this order, the stations Los Boliches, Torreblanca, Carvajal, Torremuelle, Benalmadena- Arroyo de la Miel, El Pinillo, Montemar Alto, Torremolinos, La Colina, Los Álamos, Plaza Mayor, San Julián, Aeropuerto, Terminal de Carga, Guadalhorce, San Andrés, Málaga - Renfe ( Estación de María Zambrano ) and Centro Almeda ( center of Málaga ). The station of the airport is about 30 minutes from Fuengirola in reach.

From the bus station in the center of the city public bus service in all directions, all the way to Madrid.


  • Beach promenade of Fuengirola
  • City ​​center (seen from Mijas off)
  • Sohail Castle
  • Beach, view from front of the castle to the north