Fulda valley is a municipality in the district of Kassel in northern Hesse ( Germany ).

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Geographical location

Fulda valley is located just northeast of Kassel on the southern edge of the Reinhard Forest. It is located on the left-hand bank of the Fulda, which the district Simmershausen flowing through aspen and the district kink Hagen continuous Osterbach and culminate in the in the municipality in the district of Wilhelmshausen the Mühlbach and on the eastern edge of the village of Elster river. The municipal area extends to 125-301 m above sea level. NN.

Extensive, the landscape invigorating water areas covering 70 ha = 2.1 % of the municipality. The districts Wahnhausen and Wilhelmshausen are right on the Fulda. This is dammed by the large barrage Wahnhausen into an elongated and through the small barrage Wilhelmshausen to a smaller lake.

Neighboring communities

Fulda valley is bordered to the north by the city Immenhausen and the unincorporated area Gutsbezirk Reinhardswald (both in the district of Kassel), to the east by the cities of Hann. Munden and Staufenberg (both in the district of Göttingen, in Lower Saxony), to the south by the district-free city Kassel, and in the west of the city and the community Vellmar Espenau (both in the district of Kassel).


At Fulda valley include these parts of communes:

  • Simmershausen
  • Wahnhausen
  • Wilhelmshausen


Fulda valley was created by the administrative territorial reform on 1 January 1970 with the voluntary merger of the previously independent municipalities Ihringshausen, Simmershausen, Wahnhausen, kink Hagen and Wilhelmshausen. On 1 August 1972, the municipality Rothwesten was annexed by state law in the community Fulda valley. Since then has grown by home education and suburbanization of the city of Kassel in particular the city boundary closest Ihringshausen. In the area of ​​Fulda valley further development areas have been since the late 1990s recognized and cut by the construction of a bypass road the original Schocketal spacious. The location of the Federal Police (formerly Federal ) is located between the Vellmar district Frommershausen and Ihringshausen -West. On the connection between the two communities there are also commercial sites that have further compressed the range of the rapid transit route to Göttingen. The marshmallow factory edsch was in this area a popular shopping for the families and organizers. In the area towards Simmershausen is the Rhine Hardwald school and a club operated by a terrain for environmental and water safety education. The Agency for Technical Relief (THW ) was originally a branch here.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:

Economy and infrastructure

Ihringshausen is an industrial and business center and regional center with social, economic and cultural primary care and railway station on the Hanoverian Southern Railway. Mostly residence with leisure activities and recreation opportunities are buckling Hagen, Rothwesten Simmershausen, Wahnhausen and Wilhelmshausen.

In the district Rothwesten the Fritz -Erler -Kaserne, which was vacated by the army in 2007 is located. 118 ha of former barracks and training area 77 ha available for civilian subsequent uses available.

In Fulda valley is also home to the Federal Directorate riot police and the flying squadron of the Federal Police.

In the district Ihringshausen is also home to the headquarters of the Rohloff AG. This company produces especially fro the hub gear Speedhub 500/14.

Through the district Wilhelmshausen following cycle paths lead:

  • The Hessian Radfernweg R1 ( Fulda Cycle Route ) performs more than 250 km from the heights of the Rhön along the Fulda to Bad Karl port on the river Weser.
  • The D- Route 9 (Weser - Romantic Road ) leads from the North Sea via Bremen, Kassel, Fulda and the Tauber Valley to Füssen in the Allgäu ( 1197 km ).


Other attractions in Fulda valley include:

  • Wall and grave remains of the former castle kink Hagen
  • Currency Museum in Rothwesten among other things, information about currency reform in West Germany (1948 )
  • " Volkssternwarte Rothwesten " on the " house mountain"


  • In Fulda valley each year of Fuldataler Triathlon takes place, which in 2011 was already being held for the eighth time. Starters have a choice between the Olympic, sprint and distance people. There is also a Kids- season and the possibility of a season at the Adult Distance participate.