Full Frontal (film)

Full Frontal is a film director Steven Soderbergh in the U.S. from the year 2002. The original English title is Full Frontal.


The film deals with the style of a light satire the life and work of a group media people from Los Angeles, from the harried stage director about the author with identity crisis to Hollywood producers. Only at the end of the trading figures are associated with each other - all visit on the evening of the day treated the same party.


It is the third film by Steven Soderbergh with actress Julia Roberts, but submits itself in a large ensemble of actors, including Catherine Keener, Nicky Katt, Blair Underwood, David Duchovny, Mary McCormack and David Hyde Pierce. Guest appearances have Brad Pitt and director David Fincher. The screenplay was written by the author Coleman Hough, cinematographer Steven Soderbergh even under his usual pseudonym Peter Andrews.

When incorporated into the film are several post-modern features such as a fictional storyline, several references to Soderbergh's previous film " The Limey ," a triple illusion inversion ( a film within the film in the film), incorrect opening titles and an open, broken end.

Noteworthy are also the production conditions: Soderbergh, who paid low salaries even at his film Ocean's Eleven and the production kept very cheap, has in this project not only filmed on digital video with a handheld camera and paid minimal salaries, but even renounced a costume and MakeUp Department, as well as on the catering. The actors were encouraged to take care of these issues themselves.


The film received mixed reviews. Rotten Tomatoes reported a percentage of positive reviews in the amount of 38 % (after an evaluation of 142 reviews ).

In the Chicago Sun- Times critic Roger Ebert wrote Full Frontal " a film so amateurish did only the professionalism of some of the actors makes it watchable ." ( Full Frontal is so amateurish rotated so that only the professionalism of some actors make it worth seeing) Richard Roeper said it was as if you were to have seen only view the Special DVD without the film.

USA Today gave the film 3 out of 4 Sternene, because of his humor and his good ensembles.