Funny Farm (film)

Funny Farm is an American comedy film directed by George Roy Hill from the year 1988. The plot is based on a novel by Jay Cronley.


The New York married couple Andy and Elizabeth Farmer move to the small town of Redbud in New England. Andy, a writer wants to write a novel there, for which he is already receiving the deposit.

After a while Andy is visited by his publisher. Since he did not write a novel, he gives the publisher the children's book his wife as their own. A little later the enthusiastic publisher calls in the Farmers, Elizabeth decreases. When she learns of the deception, she gets angry and wants a divorce. The house is to be sold.

The Farmers promise the locals money if they are nice to potential home buyers over and pretend small town idyll in the journals of the 1930er/1940er years. To the delight heard a chorus of local residents, which sings the prospective carols. The Hound of the Farmers unearths a part of a human skeleton and brings him Elizabeth - just as interested parties visit the house. Elizabeth knocks him on the head and takes it from the bones.

The Farmers decide, but to stay together in Redbud. The locals are - cheated out of the promised money - at first angry. Later, the Farmers and their neighbors along again after the Farmers pay the promised bounty. Elizabeth is pregnant.


  • Hal Hinson wrote in the Washington Post, 3 June 1988, that the character of Andy Farmer more like a "real" person will assist you as formerly played by Chevy Chase characters. His filmic environment, however, would seem not real. Hinson praised the presentation of Madolyn Smith Osborne.
  • In the film lexicon of Cable One, the film is described as " a long-winded, too much translated slapstick sequence of scenes without any convincing action " which " can fizzle satirical swipes at fashionable city escape at all turbulence unused".
  • The film critic of the TV movie complain, be the joke of the movie " a little rough ", but praised the game of Chevy Chase "in the fight against the forces of nature ."


The film was shot in three places in the U.S. state of Vermont: Grafton, Townshend and Windsor. He played in the cinemas of the United States a about 25.5 million U.S. dollars.