Für immer jung

February 7, 2000

Forever Young is a pop - song of the singer Karel Gott from the eponymous album, which was released on 7 February 2000. It is a German -language cover of Alphaville song Forever Young from 1984, the German Special lyrics of the song by Bernd man, one of the singer of the German band " The beach boys" was texted. Previously, God had a Czech version of the song recorded with the title " BYT stále MLAD. " Whose text is a mere translation of the original text of the Alphaville version.

Larger notoriety reached the Karel Gott song by a new edition with the German rapper Bushido, which was released as a single on September 19, 2008, and brought it up to number 5 in the German single charts and a gold record in Germany and Austria. The chorus of God version of 2000 served the piece as a basis and has been expanded to specifically wrote, rapped verses of Bushido.

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Bushido version ( 2008)

November 25, 2008

AT: Gold

Published on 25 November 2008 rap version of the song Forever Young by Bushido is the second of three singles from the album Heavy Metal Payback. It reached # 4 on the charts in Germany. 2010, the song was released a second time, with all proceeds of the charity should get a heart for children.


After representation Bushido him the idea came to a joint re-recording of the song, when he saw a singing its version in a television program Karel Gott. Against the background of his mother a simultaneous cancer the performance had him emotionally moved. At a joint meeting Bushido put the singer is his personal situation and the desire for cooperation, whereupon Karel Gott such agreed. Regarding his own connection to the rap music God declared beyond later: "I had no experience as a lyric tenor with rap, but the phrasing of the singers I admire for a long time. "

In 2009, media sources reported that the common song was a trigger for upsets between the two artists. Karel Gott was quoted going to have asked Bushido is a publication of the song on his own album life and to have received no feedback to his disappointment. However, Karel Gott was a year later in a Supporting Role in Bushido's biopic times change to see you, under which he also presented the song Forever Young.

Title list

The original single included both Forever young nor an instrumental version, the longer album version of the title and which also published on Heavy Metal Payback piece Rolling Stone. On the re-release of the single in 2010, the latter two titles were no longer included.

Single (2008)

Heart for Children - new release (2010)

Music videos

The music video for the single is ostensibly the scenic drive two cars of the Mercedes-Benz brand. In a model Karel God sits in the back seat, the other is controlled by Bushido. The rest of the videos determine interspersed scenes from Bushido's recording studio and a theater stage on which Karel Gott sings while apparently his feature - partner sitting alone in the audience. In the final setting, the units of the two artists finally meet each other on an otherwise deserted road, which both Bushido Karel Gott as well acknowledge with a view of the vehicle of the other.

In November 2008, the music video was the cause of the break Bushido with the Viacom Inc. under their German music channels MTV and VIVA. Bushido, who had previously been a frequent guest on both channels just like his music videos was, according to opaque representation of both sides unhappy with the fact that therefore the allegedly by MTV as " folk music " classified song only in the program of VIVA, but not MTV should be shown. As a result, under said the rapper for the future both transmitters to broadcast all of his videos.


The unusual combination of rap and pop brought the single a high media attention. While the collaboration between the two artists was generally well received, the reviews for the common song were mixed. The image spoke to their online presence of " a [m ] of the most extraordinary duets of the year". The e-zine Laut.de was part of their review of the album Heavy Metal Payback, however, the song sounded " whether [ its ] ultimate stealth compared to the Sensation salary in advance as a lukewarm, omaversöhnender promotional gimmick. " Even Alphaville singer Marian Gold commented on the new edition, calling it " an original project with wit and depth ."

Chart success

In Germany reached Forever young # 5 on the Media Control Charts and brought Bushido so his third top - ten finish in the single charts. To date, he could only lost with the song Everything, which reached number 4 in 2007, recorded a higher chart entry. Karel Gott was previously good since the release of his single evening, good humor, which reached number 2 in 1981, no longer in the charts. In Austria rose Forever Young on 12 December 2008 at number 31 in the charts and stayed for 23 weeks in the charts. His highest placing reached it at that in the third and fourth week with 15th place on 23 October 2009 the song achieved the re-entry at number 59 in the Swiss charts reached Forever Young 70th place

In 2010, the single received for exceeding the limit of 150,000 units sold a gold record in Germany. 2011 followed the same award in Austria. In both countries presented the best-selling Forever young by then Bushido Single dar.

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