Furius Baco

In the inline twist

Furius Baco is a steel roller coaster at the amusement park Port Aventura ( Salou in the Tarragona province ), which opened on 5 June 2007. The design of the roller coaster from the model WingRide Coaster comes from the manufacturer Intamin, the calculation of Stengel GmbH.

It is the first roller coaster this model, where the seats are left and right of the track. The cost for the railway amounted to 15 million euros.

Furius Baco triggers for speed the Accelerator Coaster from stealth, which is in England, at Thorpe Park. Thus Furius Baco is the fastest roller coaster in Europe.


Baco is in accordance with the theming the Spanish word for Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. Furius similar adjectives furiosus (Latin ) furioso ( Spanish), Furiós (Catalan ) and furious ( English), which are each frantic, furious.


The train is in around 3.5 seconds accelerating from 0 to 135 km / h by a hydraulic launch. The 870 m long route runs close to the ground with no big hills, but includes inversion as an in-line twist, which is the fastest inversion of the world ( about 100 km / h).

Furius Baco has three trains with six cars. In each car four people can (a series ) take place. As restraint system come shoulder strap for use.

The rows of the train on both sides of the track, so there are two persons of a possible four people per row on one side of the rail, the other two people sitting on the other side of the rail. This arrangement is similar to the one 4th Dimension Coaster, but not in this case rotate the seats.


In-Line Twist