Furna (Brava)


Furna is a place and harbor on the Cape Verdean island of Brava. He has about 6000 inhabitants.


The Port of Furna is protected on three sides by towering rock walls, since it was created in a washed over the sea volcanic crater. It has existed since 1843 and is an essential lifeline for the island of Brava in respect of any supply of goods from outside. 1982 numerous boats and some houses were destroyed by 10 m high waves caused by Hurricane barryl. Only in 2000, the current quay was inaugurated, the modern ferry serves as a dock at the present time.

Transport links and infrastructure

After closure of the airfield at Faja de Água Furna is the only access to the island of Brava. The place is about two streets with the island's capital, Vila Nova Sintra connected, of which only one is passable to traffic. When the ferry at the port waiting for the information disseminated on the Cape Verde Aluguers, a kind of collective taxis. In the main street of the village there are several small shops and bars. Overnight accommodation for tourists not exist in Furna however.


Outstanding attractions in the usual sense Furna did not exhibit. Interestingly, however, are partly concreted slopes that serve the rainwater harvesting and were related to the now disused fish factory. A visit to the small church and the new school next to it is worth it: On large wall paintings, the children will be encouraged to conserve water and to assist in the greening of the island.

Coastal road overlooking the Church