FV Engers 07

The football club Engers 07 is a football club based in the district of Neuwied Engers. The men's team is currently playing (as of season 2013/14 ) in the sechstklassigen Rhine Country League.


The club was founded on 10 July 1907 as FC Viktoria Engers. In the same year, the Roland FC Engers joined. 1910 joined the FC Viktoria the TV Engers in 1879. 1916, the football department as FV Engers 07 became independent again.

Sports development

After the many years of district league team was not included in the Gauliga 1933, the Engerser dominated for several years now the second-class district class. 1933/34, 1935 /36 and 1936/37, was the FVE top of its class, without creating the rise. In the first year Engerser lost the qualifiers for the promotion round against 1 FC Idar, the second and third attempt they failed in the promotion round. It was not until 1941 managed the FVE the leap into the now very fragmented Gauliga Moselle -east.

In the postwar period the Engerser took four years to get back in the makings. From 1949 to 1953 and in the 1955/56 season they belonged to the Oberliga West. Her biggest success was about the 1-0 victory at the Masters Series 1 FC Kaiserslautern in the season 1950 /51. In the previous year they had in Kaiserslautern still a 0:13 conceded.

After the second descent the Engerser did not return to the high-quality football. Upon introduction of the Bundesliga and the South West Regional of the FV had slipped into the first amateur league Rhineland. In the late 1970s - the FV was now arrived in the A-Class - it went up again. The first highlight was the Oberliga rise in 2002. Since reached placements move between the 9th and 15th place in the table.

After relegation from the premier league 2007/ 08 FVE played back in the Rhineland league. After a good 2009/10 season they finished in eighth place in the table, the following year, it was the tenth rank. After four years in the Rhineland League of FV Engers increased in the 2011/12 season with a 17th place in the table in the district league Ost. In the 2012/13 season but the club managed an immediate return in the Rhineland league.


The FV Engers 07 plays its home games in the stadium on the water tower in Engers from the (now 3000 ) summarized once 10,000 spectators. In the first round in 1954/55 the Engerser had to leave their stadium one season and play in Bendorfer Rhine stadium because they did not have the lawn required by the DFB.


In the league of FVE was trained by the ex - internationals Emil Kutterer and Joseph Gauchel. The subsequent national player Herbert Zimmermann ( FC Bayern Munich, 1 FC Köln ) and the Bundesliga player Carsten Keuler (1st FC Cologne) played previously with the Engersern.

From 2004 to 2006, they played the later Namibian national team Wilko Risser for the FVE. In the season 2006/ 07, the Gambian national team Mohammed Camara was under contract.

In December 2013 Goalkeeper Dieter Paucken returned to FV Engers. He had already played from 2001 to 2005 for the FV and was active from 2005 to 2013 for TuS Koblenz, SC Fortuna Köln and 1.FC Cologne.