Fyfe Dangerfield

Fyfe Antony Dangerfield Hutchins (* July 7, 1980 in Birmingham ) is an English rock musician, known as a founding member of the band Guillemots and as a solo musician.


He grew Dangerfield in Birmingham and Bromsgrove ( Worcestershire ), where he formed his first band Senseless Prayer with schoolmates Charles Hildebrandt both Alex and Rajkowski. They released several EPs and appeared in 1999 in a Peel Session on BBC Radio 1. However, in 2002 the band broke up again and Dangerfield went to London. There he founded the Guillemots, with whom he had several chart hits in England.

After the second band album Dangerfield began a solo career in 2010 and released his solo debut Fly Yellow Moon with the participation of Guillemots - producer Adam Noble and ex- Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. The album reached number 12 in the UK charts with She's Always a Woman, a cover of Billy Joel - songs, he had a single top ten hit.



  • Fly Yellow Moon (2010)


  • She Needs Me (2010 )
  • When You Walk in the Room (2010)
  • Faster Than the Setting Sun (2010)
  • She's Always a Woman ( 2010)
  • Barricades (2010)