Fylgia amazonica

Fylgia amazonica

The Fylgia amazonica is the only dragonfly species of the genus of the subfamily Fylgia Brachydiplacinae. Its distribution area extends across the Amazon region. Their larvae are unknown. There are two subspecies F. a amazonica and F. distinguish a lychnitina.

Construction of Imago

The animals reach a length of 19 to 22 millimeters, so they are very small. While the males black and just starting between the third and seventh segment are red up to tip of the abdomen ( tummy), the females are on the chest (thorax ) greenish with brown stripes. Your abdomen is orange-brown. The wings are mostly transparent, but can also be slightly smoky. The last Antenodalader in the forewing is incomplete, not enough of the Costa loader to the radius artery.


Fylgia amazonica lives on covered with fallen leaves in the deepest pools of tropical rainforest. The males sit on sunny, large hanging over the water leaves.