Fyodor Alekseyev

Fedor Yakovlevich Alekseev (Russian Фёдор Яковлевич Алексеев; * 1753 or 1754 in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire, .. † 11 Novemberjul / November 23 1824greg ) was a pioneer of Russian landscape painting and a professor at the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg.


In the years 1767-1773 Alexeyev visited the Petersburg Academy, after which he went for three years to 1777 to Venice, where he became acquainted with the city Giovanni Antonio Canaletto's views and Francesco Lazzaro Guardi. After his return to Saint Petersburg his notoriety continued to grow. Examples of his work from this period are the paintings sight of the Winter Palace from the Peter and Paul Fortress (1791 ) or look at the Mikhailovsky Palace ( 1800). On a trip to the Black Sea was formed in 1797 a painting town square in Kherson and Nikolayev 1799 view of the city, which today ( 2011) is located in Moscow in the Tretyakov Gallery. In the years 1800 to 1802, he was commissioned by Tsar Paul I, to make a series of vistas in Moscow and its surroundings, so the view of Moscow near the Kremlin Iwerski Gate or The Palace in Tsaritsyno Park in Moskau.Aus the 1824 comes his image in front of the Bolshoi theater in Moscow.

1803 Alexeyev was appointed professor at the Imperial Academy of Arts, but also continued to paint views of the changing St. Petersburg, as looking at the stock exchange and the building of the Admiralty of the fortress of St. Peter and Paul in 1810, and Kazan Cathedral on Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg ( 1811).